Cape Town Portrait Photography 2016

This beauty and portrait photography workshop will take us to the most stunning city in all of Africa. You’ll learn how to conduct a high-end beauty shoot, from posing a model to working with studio lighting and more. This is the ultimate workshop for beauty and portrait photographers who want to take their work to the next level.


Workshop Details

High-End Beauty & Portrait Photography

27 February 2016

Cape Town, South Africa

R8,000 ZAR ($550 USD)

Anna Dabrowska
Hillary Fox

Join us in Cape Town, South Africa for a hands-on photography workshop. We’ll start with talks on beauty and portrait photography covering current industry trends for styling, lighting techniques, and poses.

You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how pro beauty photographer Anna Dabrowska conducts a photoshoot, including conception and shoot prep, working with studio lighting, styling and posing models, and basic post-processing.

Each participant will have an opportunity to work with a model on set and conduct their own guided photoshoot. We’ll have group discussions, photo reviews, and Q&A sessions to help you get the most out of the workshop. This is your chance to build up your beauty & portrait photography portfolio in the heart of South Africa.

What You’ll Learn

Photography Shoot Prep

  • Beauty & portrait photography industry trends
  • How to plan & prepare for a beauty shoot
  • How to work with a makeup artist and stylist

Beyond The Shoot

  • How to select your best images from a shoot
  • General post-processing tips
  • Social media for photographers

Studio Photography

  • Overview of studio photography gear
  • Studio lighting techniques
  • How to conduct a beauty & portrait photography shoot
  • Tips for working with and posing models

beautyfaceWhat’s Included

  • Studio rental, lighting, and applicable photography permits
  • Interactive group instruction and live demonstrations
  • One-on-one photoshoots assisted by the pros
  • Individual portfolio reviews by the pros
  • Hired model(s), stylist, and makeup artist
  • Lunch and refreshments

Preparing For The Workshop

Joining us in Cape Town? If you’re flying into South Africa, let us know if you need hotel recommendations or help arranging transport. Registered attendees will receive the studio address and local contact information.

What To Bring

Plan to arrive with your fully-charged DSLR, memory cards, and laptop or tablet. You are invited to bring up to 10 images for a personalized portfolio review.


About The Team

anna-dabrowska-ongoingpro-workshopAnna Dabrowska is a pro fashion and beauty photographer based in Paris, France. Purity and poetry in an image are her obsessions.

Hillary Fox is a pro travel and lifestyle photographer represented by Getty Images and Stocksy United.

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