30 Beautiful Photos Celebrating the Black & White Challenge

30 Beautiful Photos Celebrating the Black & White Challenge

The Black & White Challenge is all the rage right now. We collected 30 of the best b&w photos to inspire your own monochrome photography.

What is the Black & White Challenge?

Each day for five days, a photographer posts one of their own black and white photos to sites like Facebook or Instagram. In each post, they tag a friend and challenge them to join in on the fun. Then the cycle continues!

Get Inspired

We scoured social media to find some of the most beautiful and striking b&w photos from photographers around the world. Get inspired! Keep scrolling to check them out.

Michiel Buijse – Netherlands
Jaycee Crawford – USA
Martin Cook – England
Justin Sutcliffe – United Kingdom
Randy Wilcox – USA
Christian Richter – Germany
Lyan Yanaki – Bulgaria

Sébastien Beun – Belgium
Nikos Konstantinidis – Greece
Thomas Michael Alleman – USA
Amy Heiden – USA
Philip Gunkel – Germany
Arnaud Moreau – France
Jason Keomany – USA
Ayash Basu – USA
Khalid Jaffer – Spain
Ruben Lammerink – Netherlands
Manuela Stein – Germany
Ally C. Evans – USA
Nicola Cocco – Italy
Barry Blanchard – USA
Daniel Krieger – USA
Kawika Singson – USA
Jordan Oram – Canada
Jason Paul Hermann – South Africa
Adrian Rodriguez – USA
Kate Siobhan Mulligan – Canada
Ami Strachan – United Kingdom
Todd Sipes – USA
Josh Adamski – United Kingdom

Have you participated in the black & white photo challenge? We’d love to see your work! Add your best image in the comments below.

Photo credit
All photos © respective photographer
Featured photo © Arnaud Moreau / Art’No Shoot
Written by Hillary Fox

Founder of OnGoingPro, Hillary Fox is an international travel photographer and entrepreneur currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa. Visit her site at hillaryfox.com.

  • Jaycee Crawford

    a gorgeous selection of evocative black and white images from all over the globe – thanks very much for the inclusion!!

  • Great picks! Here’s my favorite from when I participated:

  • Jason

    Hillary, amazing images, thank you for including me also. Grateful and honoured.

  • Jason Jakober

    One of my B&W Challenge images.

    • Eerie and awesome! I love it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Adrian Rodriguez

    Outstanding! thanks again Hillary for including me with these amazing photographers, I guess now i have to step up my game 🙂

  • George Johnson

    Shot of the London Docklands I shot only this past weekend.

    • This is stunning! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • DanielKrieger

    God I love Black & White photography. Thanks for including me among this set of beautiful images!

  • Aron C

    One of my B/W Challenge photos… 20 images where merged with photoshop to create the depth of Pier 7 leading into the Transamerica Pyramid

    • Those lines are just perfect, Aron! Wonderful work. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Dawn Mander

    an image for the challenge 🙂

    • Perfect timing! 🙂 I love it! Where was this?

      • Dawn Mander

        HI Hillary.. this is at Braunston Marina in the U.K…

  • Guest

    Here’s my favourite from the challenge – Natural History Museum, London.

  • Here’s my favourite from the challenge.

    • Gorgeous tones. Absolutely beautiful! Nice work 🙂

  • One of my favorite images from my 5 day B&W Challenge.

  • The backroads of Wisconsin.

    • Beautiful tones, Lauri! It looks infrared. Very dreamy! 🙂

      • Thanks so much Hillary! And it is edited as an IR.

  • Guest

    Shot in Granada/Nicaragua last year during “El Berrinche Ambiental”, a Festival that brings together young jugglers, artists and musicians from all of Central America.

  • Y. Kiefer

    Shot I took in Granada/Nicaragua last year during “El Berrinche Ambiental”, a Festival that brings together young jugglers, artists and musicians from all of Central America.

    • Wow that’s good timing!! Nice work, Kiefer 🙂

  • fashionably late and tastefully cold?

    • This is excellent, Julia! I love the tiny human down the road, it makes the shot. This looks like the American midwest? Feels like home to me. 🙂

  • Brian Santos

    Inside a theater here in Manila, Philippines. The lady is on her mobile phone while waiting for the show to start.

    • Nice work, Brian! Very true to life! 🙂

  • Vanessa Villanueva

    Is it okay if I share my photo from the challenge? I am not exactly a professional photographer but I was tagged by one of my friends.

    Here’s my favorite shot. This is the aftermath of a strong typhoon from the campus of a certain university here in the Philippines. 🙂