How To Whiten Eyes Quickly & Naturally in Photoshop

How To Whiten Eyes Quickly & Naturally in Photoshop

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, a photographer’s job is to keep ’em squeaky clean. Pro fashion photographer Michael Woloszynowicz teaches us how to get the whites of your subjects’ eyes whiter after the shoot–without looking fake and unnatural.

The white part of the eye, known as the sclera, is prone to discoloration. It can become red from irritation or lack of sleep, and also pick up unwanted color casts from the environment. Eye drops can help whiten eyes before a shoot, but if you skip this step, you can fix the problem in post.

In the 7-minute Photoshop video tutorial below, Woloszynowicz walks us through his process to get the whites of the eyes brighter and cleaner in post, quickly and naturally.

Emphasizing subtlety, Woloszynowicz uses a selective color adjustment layer to achieve a more neutral color tone around the iris. The result is natural and realistic.

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© Michael Woloszynowicz / Vibrant Shot
Written by Hillary Fox

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  • Photo Phil

    Ha! I do this completely differently using dodge/burn and a touch of desaturation. I’m going to try out this technique and we’ll see. 🙂