3 Easy Ways to Post to Facebook While You Sleep

3 Easy Ways to Post to Facebook While You Sleep

Being serious about promoting your photography brand on social media requires an equally serious commitment of time and energy—something many of us struggle with.

Thankfully, there are several different ways to post to social media automatically. You can pre-schedule weeks worth of good content in advance, allowing you to focus more on taking pictures, or taking it easy, while software does the work for you.

Here are your three best options for pre-scheduling Facebook posts:

1. Pre-Schedule right on Facebook

On Facebook pages, you can create a post as usual and schedule it to post later. Simply click the clock icon and enter a future date and time. You can review and edit all of your scheduled posts in your page’s activity log.


Scheduling posts is a feature currently only available to Facebook fan pages, not individual profiles. If you’re promoting your personal profile, try the next two options to pre-schedule Facebook posts.

2. Let Hootsuite help you out

Hootsuite is  the current industry standard social media management too.  In Hootsuite, you can organize your social media feeds into tabs, and schedule upcoming posts long into the future. You can post to Facebook, Twitter, and others while monitoring and responding to all sorts of engagement: messages, mentions, retweets, and more.


The downside to Hootsuite is that its feature-packed interface can be a bit intimidating and takes time to learn–it’s most appropriate for social media power users. For a more minimal (but also powerful) scheduling tool, consider using Buffer.

3. Buffer your posts with BufferApp

Buffer is the leading competition and quickly gaining in popularity. It’s an elegantly simple social media scheduling tool that lets you “buffer” content into your pre-scheduled time slots. You can post to Facebook, Twitter, and more. Engagement monitoring is somewhat limited compared to Hootsuite, but Buffer is more than enough for a typical user and easier to use.


However you choose to post to Facebook, remember to regularly post great content and stay engaged with your audience.

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Written by Hillary Fox

Founder of OnGoingPro, Hillary Fox is an international travel photographer and entrepreneur currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa. Visit her site at hillaryfox.com.

  • 3 very helpful ways, there’s a 4th one though 🙂 It’s called Mass
    Planner – http://www.massplanner.com – you can schedule posts on Facebook
    pages, groups, wall and also on Pinterest. It works really well and it’s easy to understand.

  • Marc S.

    Buffer is easier to use, Hootsuite is more powerful. But I’d rather post live so I can engage with my audience.

  • Helpful information, I use buffer, it’s my favorite.